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Safe and effective CBD

After giving birth to my fifth child I felt a MESS! Let’s be honest, having kids is such a beautiful and natural process, but it is hard on our bodies. I found myself experiencing symptoms of inflammation and I was concerned. I was way more exhausted than I realized, more stressed and anxious than I cared to admit, and just felt out of BALANCE.


After extensive testing, months of visits to a holistic doctor, and a BAZILLION supplements taken to treat my symptoms naturally, it got quite expensive. 


In stepped, CBD. This ONE supplement was a “game-changer”


High quality, hemp-derived CBD oil supported my health at the ROOT and brought a sense of balance and well-being that I didn’t imagine one nutrient could! I am so thankful to connect you with the incredible products I trust with my family. CBD oil truly has benefits for everyone, but MOMS...this is a MUST for you!  


local favorites

You’ve probably been seeing CBD everywhere. and you’ve probably been interested in trying it.

There are SOO many products on the market to choose from, it can feel overwhelming!


I'm here to help! Here's a quick look at my favorite hemp and CBD products that I trust and recommend.


your cbd resource

I'll share with you the CBD products that my family has been trusting for the past two years. They are safe, effective, and our family has had a great experience using them.

I'm here to empower you with information, encourage you with testimonials, and connect you with some of the highest-quality CBD products on the market!


why I trust hempworx

✔️ It’s pure CBD oil with nothing else added, no fillers!

✔️ It’s organically grown and non-GMO 

✔️ It’s grown in the US, with 3rd party testing on their products (this is really important to me!)

✔️There is total transparency. You can scan the barcode on the bottle and see exactly what’s in, and not in your product through Lab Analysis and testing results.

✔️They have also been awarded the US Hemp Authority Seal, setting them apart as one of the few elite CBD companies that meet the most stringent requirements for safety, purity, and quality (Tip: don’t use a CBD without this little orange seal on the bottle)

✔️ They use a CO2 extraction method instead of heat which preserves the most important parts of the hemp plant.

✔️ Plus, they offer a 60-day guarantee so you can try it risk-free.

CBD oil drops

🌿 & one of the biggest reasons is because it works! 

I love helping people find more natural ways of improving their life and their health. For all your CBD and hemp needs, shop my favorites below!

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I love natural solutions, especially when they are simple and WORK! I wanted to share with you a little bit about my story and knowledge, so I created a series of videos titled CBD Basics to educate you on one of my favorite products. It is the PERFECT way to learn more! 


In this series, I’ll answer questions like 

"What is CBD and how does it work in the body?” 

“What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?”

“What is the history and legality of CBD?”

“Why are we are so deficient in CBD today?" 


I will also share the science-based health benefits, discuss expectations, and empower you to choose the right CBD products to get maximum results!


I found CBD at the right time and it made a huge difference in my life. I know you will love it too! I can’t wait to answer many of your FAQs in these videos TODAY!” 

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