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Ep 17// Teaching Our Kids a Biblical Worldview with SIMPLICITY while Savoring Quality Time

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

YOU GUYSSSS...I am so excited about today’s episode...but really the BREAKTHROUGH at the end that was revealed. I didn’t realize such a simple conversation could be so profound. God is hang with me to the end as we REDEFINE what success is!

Today I’m giving you the most SIMPLE way to give your kids a Biblical worldview...while providing an education, instilling character qualities, and building the faith of the ENTIRE family.

Whenever you’re listening is perfect, but I will say that this is a WONDERFUL tip especially for summer.

When “mom guilt” wants to creep in you can cure it with MEANINGFUL, intentional time that will fill your kid’s LOVE TANK fast WHILE setting them up for lifelong success and service to the Lord.

P.S. Use these Devotionals as a valuable resource for learning about other Christians who pursued God’s best for them and made a significant impact in the lives of others:

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Full Episode Transcription:


Welcome back to The Nourishing Mompreneur Podcast, where we get encouraged and empowered as we pursue our greatest potential within the walls of our home. Hey Mama, my name is Michelle Hiatt, and I'm so thankful you're here. Do you feel like your life is good, but something in you feels unfulfilled? Do you feel stuck in the trenches of motherhood, exhausted and working so hard, but feeling like you're getting nowhere? Do you have big dreams you hold in your heart, but you've been living small? Are you motivated for more, but don't have the clarity or the courage to do anything about it? Do you want to discover God's best and see if it's really possible to be an excellent wife, an intentional mother, and be successful in business, all for the glory of God? As a wife of 16 years, a homeschooling mom of five, and an entrepreneur, I know exactly how you feel. Every bit of it. I truly believe that the most important work you will ever do is within the walls of your home and that there is purpose in every season. If you are a fellow business-minded mama, with a heart for home and a love for Jesus, let's process this journey and grow together.


I believe that as moms, we are raising little world changers. The bad news is that the world is constantly changing. I mean just look at the last year and think about how different things were pre-COVID. The good news is that our God never changes. Thank goodness. He is the same yesterday, today and forever and this is the only rock that our kids can stand on as they navigate a world we never knew. They're gonna have to see things, navigate rocky waters, climb mountains, experience realities that we have not yet walked. And this goes for the good things and the bad things. It is just a different world that we are raising our children in and as moms it is important to remember that we don't have to have all the answers. We don't either, even if we thought we did. We just need to keep walking with them and pointing them to the Lord. This is the only thing that's going to keep them grounded and rooted.


We do however, want to be intentional about giving them a strong biblical perspective. When our kids are in our household we get to help them filter life because eventually they're going to have to figure things out on their own. So don't miss out on the opportunities to expand your child's worldview to help them filter live through God's eyes and to strengthen their faith in the process. This is not going to be a perfect journey. It never was supposed to be but let's be intentional and aware as best as we can't to just be there when our kids need us in whatever capacity or whatever struggle or whatever challenge they're going through. And did I mentioned that I'm preaching to myself over here? Okay, yes. Yes, I am. But here's the thing, have you noticed that the older you get the more you realize that the mindset, the hang ups, the stronghold whatever that you have as an adult, the rough patches of your personality even they all grew back to childhood? The older we get, and the more self development and in our work we do, the more we realize just how crucial these young years are as we raise our little world changers. It is a heavy responsibility. Thankfully, we don't have to carry it alone. We simply have to do our part and trust that God loves our children more than we do because they are His after all.


You've got to trust His grace is just going to cover up all of our weaknesses and that His Word will hold true in their lives in the end. Even if we were near perfect moms and if we did give our children a near perfect life. It's not enough. We can't always control what their little hearts decide. Sometimes it's not even the truth of the situation, but rather how our children perceive and receive it that makes all the difference.


Think about a family that you know that has multiple children. You know, same parents same household, nearly the same upbringing, but when you look at their life as adults and the choices they've made and their track record, very different results, very different experiences. One child might have loved homeschooling and another could have resented that choice for him. Think about even the episode that I shared recently on how life isn't fair and what to do about it. My sisters and I we all have very different views, experiences and perspectives. When we look back on our childhood a lot of them are the same, but many of them are different, which is so interesting, because my parents were pretty obsessive about making sure that our upbringing was equal and fair for my sisters and I.


So motherhood is not cookie cutter and that's where I say, "Come Holy Spirit." Oh, you know, I think about the Holy Spirit being a comforter and it's because we need a lot of comfort for raising our kids. If we haven't already, we certainly will need it. We're gonna need lots of comfort for all the uncomfortable moments that we're going to have as we raise them and as we pursue business, grow as women, women of God. This is just something that we're just going to have to always remember our source and the thing that's going to keep us in the game. So we have an ever changing world. We have different and unique children and the responsibility to raise them as arrows so that we can shoot them into the world and bring light and hope and God's love to a broken generation.


How? Well, I just want to share with you one of the things that has helped me give my kids a broader worldview, a biblical worldview. That's really what matters, right? This is going to help lay the foundation for them as they grow. So it's simple, it's beautiful. It will probably encourage you more as a mom than even your kids but doing this one thing will cultivate quality time and open up great conversations too. So are you ready? I'm so excited to share this with you and I'm excited about as I was preparing for this episode, kind of how God orchestrated it in the end.


The first thing, the biggest thing I want to tell you is to study the lives of other people, encourage your children, do it with them, help them study the lives of other people. We can learn from anybody. I believe that you can learn from everybody. Of course you want to filter things through the Holy Spirit. You know, take the good, take the cherry, spit out the pit kind of thing. But I'm not talking about any people here I'm talking about men and women of faith.


So first, let me tell you why this is so powerful, and then I'll tell you how I do this effortlessly. The first thing is that it takes the focus off of you. When you look to the life of another person. When you study someone else when you're putting your focus your attention on somebody else. It takes the focus off of you and one of the biggest obstacles that we as humans have to face especially our children is that we want to be selfish. From little kids are not wanting to share to me, me, me mine, that kind of stuff to growing up as a teenager. We live in the self absorbed, selfie, self-consumed society.


I'll tell you when I was a teenager I was so selfish. I was so into myself, and I this is before iPhones and selfies and any of that stuff it was just my life revolved around me. It was my school, my sports, my friends, "me me me, Mom iron my clothes." It was just all I could do was see myself and I'll never forget my mom even made up this little jingle she would sing it to me when I was just being ridiculous. It was called like "me, myself, and I" mean how sad is that? But it's the truth. It's the truth especially when they're really young and those like two to three year old years. We want to see that selfish trend and then I think when teenagers come that's where it really wants to kind of manifest again. But our kids need to realize that there is a big wide world out there. They need to hear about other cultures, and even learn about history and the process of studying other missionaries. So if you're a homeschool mom, this is awesome because you can seriously give a big check mark for Bible and history lesson if you are setting the life of another person. But there are some great men and women of faith that our kids need to know about anyway, so this is awesome.