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Ep 68// Are You in a Wave of Transition or Trying to Get Clarity on WHAT to Build?

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Are you feeling a wave of change in your heart, but you're having trouble making sense of it?

Maybe you're doing the things you've always done...following your plans and strategically moving towards your goals...BUT doubt is creeping in?

Maybe the WAY you've been going about your life and business feels "off" something isn't lining up?

Maybe you're at a crossroads moment and are trying to get clarity on WHAT to Build? Where to go from here?

I understand those feelings and in fact THIS podcast conversation is me jumping off the ledge of fear in my own mind so that I can depend fully on God…pursuing the more SIMPLE.

I know the journey may be messy, but I'm going to keep going for it and I believe that I have a word for you today as YOU keep pressing on too!

No matter what your season, let's find freedom to shift from building “kingdom” to building “family” because your YES of surrender is going to bring forth the breakthrough that you could NEVER achieve on your own!

I’m here for it! ~ Michelle



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