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Ep 15// How to Ride the Rollercoaster of Entrepreneurship Without Getting Sick!

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Hey friend! Life is a crazy ride and if you are pursuing entrepreneurship in any capacity - you fully understand that it can feel like a rollercoaster.

There are high HIGHS and low LOWS… but what is REALLY normal?

What do all the “dips” and “turns” mean?

Does it have to be so hard?

How do I handle all the ups and downs anyways?

After all, I know you just want to feel stable and at PEACE on your journey.

In this episode, I share 3 strategies for how to overcome and remain STEADY on the ride of entrepreneurship.






Full Episode Transcription:


First, I want to read a review really quick from Lejlah Lantz and forgive me if I said that name wrong, girl. She says "Michelle is like finding a diamond in the insanity of life. I felt encouraged, uplifted and spurred on thanks to her candid vulnerability and joy. It's so nice to hear someone who shares their struggles and also their successes and what they've learned in a way that we can all relate to. Listening to this podcast is like getting a big hug from a friend that truly knows and get you. I look forward to more episodes and journeying with Michelle as we seek to live our lives to the fullest, struggles and all."


You got that right girl, struggles and all! We got to keep it real over here and I feel you every bit of it. Thank you so much for the kind words. I truly appreciate it. I'm really thankful to be connected with all of you on this journey. So if you know any other work-from-home mamas, please share this episode with them today. This will just be a way that you can encourage them and also, be sure to take a quick moment and leave a review on this podcast too. It would mean so much, it lights up my heart to hear what God is speaking to you through our conversations and it honestly helps me reach other people. So leave a review just take a quick minute when you get a chance even pause it right now.


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Welcome back to The Nourishing Mompreneur Podcast, where we get encouraged and empowered as we pursue our greatest potential within the walls of our home. Hey Mama, my name is Michelle Hiatt, and I'm so thankful you're here. Do you feel like your life is good, but something in you feels unfulfilled? Do you feel stuck in the trenches of motherhood, exhausted and working so hard, but feeling like you're getting nowhere? Do you have big dreams you hold in your heart, but you've been living small? Are you motivated for more, but don't have the clarity or the courage to do anything about it? Do you want to discover God's best and see if it's really possible to be an excellent wife, an intentional mother, and be successful in business, all for the glory of God? As a wife of 16 years, a homeschooling mom of five, and an entrepreneur, I know exactly how you feel. Every bit of it. I truly believe that the most important work you will ever do is within the walls of your home and that there is purpose in every season. If you are a fellow business-minded mama, with a heart for home and a love for Jesus, let's process this journey and grow together.


Hey mama, I don't know where you're at in your entrepreneurship journey but I'm sure that you figured out by now that it is not easy and it can often feel like a rollercoaster ride. Maybe you're feeling tired and weary, dizzy, nauseous. Maybe you're tired of the ups and downs not sure if you're actually making progress at times. Maybe you're feeling lost and not sure if your work is actually making a difference- that impact that your heart so desires. Maybe you're wondering if all this is even worth it? If those dreams are even possible. You're feeling insecure. You're tired of being uncomfortable, facing your fears, and doing the hard things day after day. You're ready for an out, an easy way, feeling like at some point you'll hit a stride and there won't be so much struggle. Well honestly, I relate with every way that you might be feeling and I don't think that there is necessarily an easy way.


In entrepreneurship, you got to put your head down and go through the grind to move forward, but it doesn't have to be burdensome because God's promises, He says His yoke is easy and His burden is light. So if you're walking in obedience to God, you can certainly cling to this truth. It doesn't mean that you don't have to work hard, doesn't mean you're not going to go through challenges, but your spirit can be light when it's surrendered to Him.


I think I'll forever be learning and practicing this truth out of myself life and business it just feels so heavy, but out of His Spirit there is peace and ease. I feel like He's teaching me a lot about this new walk, this walk in surrender so naturally there's this bouncing back between striving and surrender and let me tell you, there is a difference and you feel that difference. Have you experienced any of this before? You know some of my biggest weeks in business some of my biggest work weeks, I've been graced with such an ease and such a peace. It's like there's more going on than there ever is. There's so much work, I've had less sleep, there's more stress all of these things, but yet, it feels light. It feels easy. There's just this grace for it. There's this peace within. It just flows. But then there's other weeks where there's not so much going on and you just feel funky. I don't know life is just funny like that.


But the point is, is that our circumstances don't have to determine our walk it our journey and our experience along the way. I'm not here trying to tell you sweet things to tickle your ears but just to give you hope and encouragement rooted in truth and always keep it real. So let me just start by validating you for a minute and tell you that the emotional rollercoaster, the emotional journey that you're on is pretty normal. The struggle is real and you are not alone. I love the quote that the only time to look back is to see how far you've come. I have a natural tendency or I've had a natural tendency to always want to kind of relive the past, but I just want to make sure that when I look back, it's always with a heart of gratitude it's always out of respect for the journey, not out of a place of guilt of shame of regret and so I'm really intentional whenever I do look back and reflect.


As I move forward towards the second half of the year, I wanted to archive some of my journals and reflect on the journey so far this first part of 2021. So I took a walk on the treadmill over the weekend and I was going through my journals from you know, I think I was January through going into May here and what was amazing and glaring to me is how many ups and downs there were and in close proximity too. Literally it was like clockwork- there'd be a day of breakthroughs of milestones of achievements, just happy, happy, amazing stuff, followed by a day of floundering weakness. I could just sense the struggle in the words that I was writing. It's not a reflection that I'm an unstable person, I'm unfaithful, I'm emotionally driven, I'm inconsistent. It's not really what it was saying. It's just that reflection that hey, highs and lows. It's part of our faith journey and really, this includes all aspects of life. If we're women of faith, whether it's business, whether it's motherhood, whether we're just working in the home as a wife, in our marriage, whatever that looks like, in our journey of faith there are ups and downs, there are highs and lows, and it's perfectly normal. It doesn't mean that it's always easy to swallow and to accept but it is normal so I just want to remind you of that and kind of validate that business especially is emotional because as women we're emotional and you can expect to feel all the feels just like you do in everyday life with your business, but we don't want emotion to drive our business. You're gonna have struggles, disappointments and setbacks, and then sometimes nothing's gonna be wrong at all, but you're just gonna feel a little bit lost or funky. It's part of riding the waves of entrepreneurship.


Friend, you are caring a lot snd I know that you're doing a great job. Just the fact that you're listening right now says a lot about your character and I'm proud of you for not giving up on your journey for continuing to work hard to pursue your greatest potential to pursue more, all that God has for you, His best. So as your podcast friend, I can just say good job, you're doing an awesome job. Keep up the great work.


It's in the highs that we need to expect the natural letdown as we come off of the mountaintop. I've been reminded over and over that you don't live on a mountaintop. The effort that it takes for that mountaintop moment, the work that goes into getting to that place where you're standing up tall and you've got that achievement, you've hit that milestone, you're on that mountaintop, that effort that it takes to get there sometimes that final push, it's not sustainable. So when you hit that milestone or that achievement, you often need some time to rest. That alone is going to bring you back down. So it doesn't mean that on this journey you've got to go from mountains to valleys it just means that you can be intentional not to get in a funk and not to get let the natural lull of this ride get the best of you when you walk downhill for a minute.


Success is not linear. We know this we can be reminded all the time. It's just good to always remember what it looks like it doesn't just go straight up. I've never seen a roller coaster ride that just goes up. It always goes up, there's downs and there's dips and I'm not saying that business and entrepreneurship has to be crazy, like a roller coaster. That's not what I'm saying, but I'm just saying that the natural flows of life. It just doesn't go straight up. It's not how life works. Things that go up do let down and that's how business has been. That's been my experience. I'll have some of the most Pinnacle moments and then there's the aftermath that let down and it's just a natural flow it's the ebb and flow of life.


So it doesn't have to be crazy, like I said, but for sure entrepreneurship, you're going to be in for a ride. So what I want to remind you is just to embrace the struggle, the moments where you feel lost, and you question everything. Out of this place, we run back to our why, why we're doing what we're doing but when we do that we gain greater clarity. It's an amazing aspect of progress. Clarity is such a gift and once you have it once you have more clarity, you just got to walk in it walk in obedience and steward that well. You will most likely be tested with that.


I recently had a business opportunity and I knew what to do. I've done it before. It seemed like a good idea. I mean really, it was just a win win. It was it was just going to be good. It was going to bring in some money it was going to be a great opportunity. However, I was fully aware before that that I am in a different season. This is not my main thing right now. It's a side thing and it's kind of supposed to be resting right now. It's not my main focus, and I knew that so I think I was praying about it before I set out. I'm like God, how do I work this opportunity? Take advantage of it. My intentions are good. I want to walk in obedience, but I'm just trying to figure out how to how to walk this line here. So I was trusting God and moving forward, feeling a little bit fuzzy on how I was going to steward this, this opportunity, if you will this sale. It took a little bit of time, but I had time and it wasn't going to hurt anything was just going to be a good thing. So sometimes what I learned is that sometimes we have to take the action and try that thing and just step out in faith to feel maybe what doesn't feel good, or maybe what we're supposed to do or what we're not supposed to do. We have to try things sometimes to get that clarity. Clarity comes t