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Ep 70// Let’s have a Heart 2 Heart! Mindsets for Making Progress in Business AND Mothering Well in..

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

I’m excited for something NEW here on this podcast!

I’m excited for something honest, authentic, and PERSONAL as I respond to what is on YOUR heart …or one of your hearts at least today!

I hope you’ll feel welcome to pop in your earbuds and in your mind, plop yourself down with me on the couch to listen in to some customized conversations where I get to have a Heart 2 Heart with you!

My goal…to build more unity and community by speaking specifically into your life and simply processing life WITH YOU, as a friend.

My ultimate desire…is that God would speak thru me and that my words would not be full of opinions, preferences, or even solid “mom advice”...but that God’s heart would be revealed and you would walk away feeling so loved and encouraged by the ONE who made you. I hope that we can learn from each other and grow TOGETHER in the Lord.

How this works…many of you have reached out through a written message or voice note with something specific you’d like to chat about. I’m here to respond to you on the podcast and like I said, process life WITH you as a friend. Not a coach. Not someone who has it all figured out or who has the answers…but as someone who can humbly point you to THE ANSWER - Jesus Christ.

Because here on this podcast, pursuing your greatest potential as a wife, mom, in business, and in all areas of life always starts with pursuing JESUS FIRST.

I hope to offer some practical but Biblical perspective.

If you don’t know anything about this…here’s your invitation to reach out and tell me what’s on your mind and ask what’s on your heart. (Head over to and respond to the pop up to leave a speak pipe voice message or a comment in the box. As long as I have questions coming in, and as I am able, I will sprinkle these Heart to Heart conversations in on the podcast to serve you better.

I’m excited to respond to Lara today and chat about Mindsets for Making progress in business AND mothering well in the midst of a health crisis.

So friend, press PLAY and let’s have our first Heart to Heart today!



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